Even if it’s not bad, it doesn’t mean it’s good

Posted on September 14, 2010


Today’s appointment was… interesting. I am 24 weeks into my pregnancy, and I’ve gained 20lbs (plus what the doc doesn’t know about before my first appointment). That’s pretty hefty if you’re targeting 25-35 full term, which my doctor is… but it’s no where near the path to 96lbs full term, which still pleases me a little. She did not tell me to diet, but she did tell me to slow down – and so it begins! I know that it’s harder to lose than it is to gain, but for me, not gaining a good bit extra while pregnant seems impossible!

In other news, we’ll be scheduling an appointment within the next couple of days so that we can meet the rest of the doctor crew who will be performing the surgery. I say “we”, because this is one of the appointments that Jared will join me at. I am excited for him to meet my doctor and for us both to meet the others. (And I fully suspect that he’ll be smitten when he sees my doc for the first time – she is very pretty, and some days, gorgeous).

My next appointment will be in 4 weeks on Oct 11 at 2:30p. Before then, I have to make it in for that horrible sweet drink test (gestational diabetes) and a follow up blood screening to make sure that things are still looking good. I don’t remember pregnancy being this busy before! Then again, I didn’t have a 2.5 year old last time around!

Less than two weeks ago, I flew to Texas for work. We flew to Kansas over the weekend for TJ’s wedding. On Wednesday, I leave for work in Boston. Next week, Jordan and I will be flying to Florida. My back has started to hurt more, so I asked the doctor today when must the fun cease… and her answer…

– Stop driving to Strongsville everyday between 30 and 32 weeks – that’s in 6-8 short weeks! (This means that I will have to work from home or go on leave – we’ll see what HR thinks!)
– No more flying or making car trips >4 hours once I hit 32 weeks.
– No more traveling more than an hour from home by any method after 38 weeks. (This shouldn’t be an issue; I plan to have a baby around 38 weeks, if not safely before).

Looks like we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas at our own house this year! Let us know if you’ll be joining us!! The holidays are a busy time for everyone – so we’ll be welcoming guests whenever you can make it, no matter the day or weather, to meet what is sure to be our next bundle of joy!

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