J is for Jordan AND Jealousy

Posted on August 30, 2010


Jordan is excited for a baby brother (I know, it’s a girl) and had an opportunity to practice being a big sister this weekend when we finally got to visit Cari Anne, Doug, and Baby Kelly in Kentucky! We had a GREAT visit – minus the 30 seconds when I held Kelly with Jordan watching and screaming “Take ME!” She did much better when I held Baby Kelly AND Baby Jordan (no more big girl, we are back to being a baby).

Karter/Haley isn’t even here yet, and I’ve already learned so much –

(1) When things aren’t going according to my plan, I can step back, relax, and realize that they are going exactly to HIS plan – and HIS plan was formed with the most thoughtful intentions, where as my plans often have no logical intentions. (I know, it shouldn’t have take me 29 years to figure this out, but sometimes a dead fish has to slap you in the face a few times before you smell it).

(2) J is for Jordan AND jealousy, and we’ve got a really long road ahead! We hope you’ll join us in our travels! (Long doesn’t mean bad, it just means that we may never find that paved interstate that folks talk about – but, our feet are getting use to the gravel and mud so we’re ready for the challenge)!

Jordan brushing her teeth, watching some morning cartoons, and getting ready for another fun day in KY – does this look like a baby to you?

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