Jordan calls her Carter

Posted on August 20, 2010


Jared and I thought that we were 100% (or at least 95%) on calling our baby girl Haley Kaye. We even thought that Jordan LOVED the name. As it turns out, Jordan loves school and she loves her friend at school name Haley 🙂 She won’t budge from Carter for the baby in mommy’s belly…

So now we’re wondering…

Can we call a baby girl Karter? Does the K make it more femanine? Or is this like the boy named Sue?

We’re thinking that if we go that route, we may need to rethink the middle name and use something more girlie…

Karter Elizabeth Rinker
Karter Anne Rinker
Karter Christina Rinker
Karter Haley Rinker
Haley Karter Rinker
Karter Alexis Rinker
Karter Grace Rinker
Karter Reese Rinker

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