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J is for Jordan AND Jealousy

August 30, 2010


Jordan is excited for a baby brother (I know, it’s a girl) and had an opportunity to practice being a big sister this weekend when we finally got to visit Cari Anne, Doug, and Baby Kelly in Kentucky! We had a GREAT visit – minus the 30 seconds when I held Kelly with Jordan watching […]


August 23, 2010


At one point, we had a very sophisticated home office. Over time, toys have slowly made their way into the office, and the room has been losing its identity. Jared and I gave in this weekend – moving the office to the basement and converting this space to a therapy and playroom for Jordan and […]

Way to go Big Sis!

August 20, 2010


Jordan had her first Botox injection this morning and had to be fully sedated (again). I just got a text from Daddy that our big girl did great! She is awake, drinking juice, and eating cookies. Now Karter/Haley/Baby #2 and I can breathe again – we are so super proud of the big sis!! ~ […]

Jordan calls her Carter

August 20, 2010


Jared and I thought that we were 100% (or at least 95%) on calling our baby girl Haley Kaye. We even thought that Jordan LOVED the name. As it turns out, Jordan loves school and she loves her friend at school name Haley 🙂 She won’t budge from Carter for the baby in mommy’s belly… […]

It’s a…

August 19, 2010


GIRL!!! We are excited to share that Jordan will have a little sister, Haley Kaye! Another big healthy baby girl! Haley weighs approximately 15 oz and is tracking about a week older than her current due date – the ultrasound tech told us that this doesn’t mean that she’ll come sooner, just that she is […]

Patience is not for the pregnant!

August 16, 2010


After my due date moved out for the 2nd time last week, I’m a little nervous going into Thursday’s ultrasound! What if we move it out for the 3rd time? What if I slap the ultrasound tech? A quick comment to note, we will have to schedule delivery for Baby Rinker #2 – and the […]

Just for Kicks

August 12, 2010


I had my 19 week appointment today. The doctor is pleased with how things are progressing – so far, so good! We listened to the baby’s heart beat again – loud and strong! We even heard a kick – and he/she is definitely a kicker already!! But here’s the other kicker, my due date has […]