May 12th, never just another day

Posted on May 25, 2010


May 12th has carried special meaning for our friends and family for several years now.

The first May 12 that really stands out was in 2006; Melody (my then soon-to-be-roommate, my now sister-in-law) closed on her house in Lexington. She was the first of my friends to buy a house, and it was a really big deal (Mel was only 24 at the time). On May 12, 2007, Jared and I married at a small ceremony in the Mountains of WV. In 2008, it was 2 months after Jordan was born and the day that I accepted that I was stuck in Ohio and started my new job at Diebold. In 2009, our close friends Brad and Vicki (the 4 of us had stood beside them at their wedding on 07-07-07) found out that they were having a baby boy.

Which brings me to this year. I received an email from Melody earlier in the week that said “Has it occurred to you that we do not have an “event” for this May 12th? We were on a four year streak.”

A couple of days passed and we went back and forth wondering if anything would pop up on May 12, 2010 or if this day would finally lose its meaning and excitement.

On the morning of May 12th, Jared and I were both out sick with strep throat. Jared had forced me to the doctor the previous evening; I told him that I was far too tired and nauseas to care about a little sore throat… I had been feeling bad for weeks!

We used our shared sick day to pick out new countertops; we were on the way home when it hit me. I’m pregnant. I should have recognized the morning sickness symptoms long before!! But although I’m not too good with the obvious, I’ve always been a good test taker; a simple “Yes” displayed on the small screen of the test that I bought later that evening.

As I said before, May 12th is never just another day.

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